Here is this article, we are discussing about how to attract traffic to your blog. Surely, you wish to have lots of visitors to your blog but you do not know the exact way of getting traffic.

You already have read many articles and blogs to learn how to promote blogs. But here you will get something more extra and useful.

I am a blogger and have been writing many articles and blogs for my clients as well as for my own since I was a beginner like you. In my first attempt I had faced so many challenges to attract organic traffic to my blog posts.

Now I am capable of sharing my experiences for getting more audience to your blog. Read all the steps carefully and follow them now.

Keep writing

As per the recent norms of Google, they will appreciate those websites or blogs having regular updating their content. “Just posting one article and waiting for traffic is like having a single product in a big showroom”.

For me, I regularly update my blog and post 4-5 new articles per week. You have also heard and read many times that to get traffic to blog is a continuous process. It’s true. The more you show your capability to post articles in blogs, the more will be the possibilities for your blog to attract large crowd of readers.

Indexing of your blog in the search engines becomes fast.

Social media sharing:

Keep sharing your new content to lots of social media sites. But before sharing you should know your audience. Means you should have an idea for which kind of people may take interest in your blog post. Like you posted some educational content, in that case your preferred audiences will be students, teachers, colleges, institutes,…..etc.

So, make sure you have groups of targeted audience in your social media sites. If you don’t have, add groups containing your targeted traffic. And then share your blog in those groups after admin approval. Keep continue this process.

You may share your blogs on various social media sites like FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr,….etc.

Use catchy titles:

Title of your blog post plays vital role to attract visitors to your blog/website. The intention behind writing the title to your blog should be likely for the readers to learn something new.

The more you keep the “Title” attractive, the more you can easily attract large audience to your blog.

Digital Media Inclusions:

To keep you blog post more catchy, you can use different digital media like related HD Images, videos,…etc. You may express your ideas more precisely with the help of images.

Don’t forget to put an internal link (link to some other post within your blog) behind the images. This will keep the audience active throughout your blog pages.

Use attractive keywords:

During developing your content, don’t forget what you need to focus. Use related keywords in various sections of your content. You may keep 2-3% keywords density.

If you write 500 words’ article, you can use 10 -15 different keywords and for more you may calculate by the formula:

Number of Keywords =

We have discussed here top 5 tricks to magnetize large crowd of audience to your blog. Keep reading our blog post to know the following

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