Hair loss is a cause of grave concern for both men and women. The underlying factors may differ depending on a variety of factors like age, overall health condition, hair care habits, etc. Regardless, dealing with hair loss is not an easy task. Hair loss in men and women can be due to different reasons. Whether you are wondering how to stop hair fall for men naturally or how to prevent female-pattern baldness, here is a list of natural hair growth tips that can come in handy.

Stop Hair Loss

1. Use Onion Juice

Loaded with Sulphur, onion juice acts as a miracle worker on hair loss. The application of onion juice helps stimulate the blood circulation in the scalp and encourage hair growth. Additionally, it helps combat scalp infections that may adversely affect the growth of new hair and lead to loss of hair. Massage freshly squeezed onion juice onto your scalp to stop hair loss.

2. Avoid Using Chemical-Laden Products

Using hair care products that are packed with chemicals can cause serious harm to your hair. Using shampoo and conditioners that are free of parabens and sulfate is an expert-approved way to fight off hair loss and improve the overall condition of the locks.

3. Stay Hydrated 

Sometimes the answer to how to stop hair loss in men may lie in the amount of water the person consumes regularly. Hydration is essential for the growth and texture of the hair. On the other hand, dehydration may wreak havoc on your hair and exacerbate common problems like hair loss, dry hair, etc. Drink plenty of water every day to enhance your hair’s natural beauty and ward off problems like hair loss.

4. Hair Loss Supplements

How to reduce hair fall and increase hair growth? Nowadays, a lot of people use hair loss supplements to curb the problem. Many experts recommend people to include these supplements in their lifestyle to boost healthy hair growth and control loss of hair. A majority of hair loss supplements contain growth-boosting nutrients that fix the hair problems naturally.

5. Reduce Stress Levels

According to studies, there is a strong link between stress and hair loss. High-stress levels may lead to hair loss and other unsightly problems like thinning hair. Leading a stressful life can result in excessive hair loss in both, men and women. Take proper measures to reduce stress levels and combat this problem from the inside.

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6. Yoga and Exercise

Practicing certain yoga asanas and being physically active are some of the best things you can do for your hair. Your hair will thank you for incorporating these healthy habits into your lifestyle. Certain yoga movements like the diamond pose and downward dog position can facilitate re-growth of hair. Similarly, certain exercises like jogging benefit the health of your scalp by opening the pores and eliminating toxins that hamper hair growth.

7. Green Tea

A rich source of antioxidants and caffeine, green tea works exceptionally well as a natural remedy for reducing hair loss. Using it in your hair care routine is a surefire way to control hair loss and treat common hair woes such as dandruff and itchy scalp. Rinse your hair with cold green tea to boost hair growth and stop loss of hair.

8. Fenugreek Seeds

Using fenugreek seeds is among the most effective homemade tips for faster hair growth. The antibacterial and growth-boosting properties of fenugreek seeds enable it to treat the root cause of hair loss. Soak the seeds overnight and apply the paste to your scalp at least once a week to strengthen the hair follicles and reduce hair shedding.

9. Hot Oil Treatment

Wondering how to control hair fall naturally? The traditional hot oil treatment may be all you need to curb hair fall. Natural oils like coconut, almond, and olive oil are powerhouses of vitamins and minerals that can promote the health of the scalp and hair strands. Apply hot oil to your scalp and massage thoroughly before leaving it overnight. Try this tried and tested hair loss tip at least once a week for noticeable results.

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10. Indian Gooseberry

The hair-benefiting properties of Indian gooseberry, Amla, make it one of the best remedies for hair growth and thickness. The powerful properties of Indian gooseberry effectively strengthen the hair follicles and reduce breakage. There are various ways in which you can incorporate this remedy in your hair care routine. Either apply Amla oil to your hair or rinse your locks with Amla juice to reap the benefits.

11. Healthy Diet 

The diet you consume can have a huge impact on the health and appearance of your tresses. Experts recommend everyone to consume food items that are replete with protein and biotin. These two nutrients contribute to hair growth and help reduce hair loss. Include eggs, berries, sweet potatoes, avocados, and nuts in your diet to tackle hair fall in a natural and healthy way.

12. Egg Mask

Eggs work like a charm on common hair woes like hair loss. The high content of protein and biotin in eggs makes them valuable hair loss remedies. Treat your hair with a homemade egg mask to stop excessive shedding of hair and encourage the growth of new hair. Use aloe vera gel and egg yolk to whisk hair mask at home. Repeat the usage of this hair mask at least once a week to bid adieu to hair loss.

13. Coconut Milk

Coconut milk is a storehouse of essential fats and proteins that are particularly beneficial for boosting hair growth and reducing hair loss. Rinse your hair with coconut milk to give it a boost of nutrients and improve its health. Use coconut milk once a week to stimulate hair growth and combat the underlying causes of hair loss.

14. Be Gentle with Your Hair

Hair care habits such as aggressive brushing or combing can put a strain on the hair strands and weaken the hair follicles. Hence the need to be gentle with your hair. It will prevent damage and also reduce excessive hair shedding. Also, it is wise to comb your hair while it is wet as doing so can make your locks susceptible to breakage.

15. Scalp Massage with Essential Oils

Essential oils such as lavender oil, peppermint oil, and rosemary oil are storehouses of growth-boosting properties that can speed up hair growth and control hair loss. You can either mix these essential oils with carrier oils or hair mask concoctions and apply to your scalp and locks for effective results.

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