Backing up text messages on Android is too easy now. But bringing them from device to device is not really that difficult. If you've found this article since you have lost all your messages and would like to get them back, then they're probably gone for good, but there's a easy method to set up automatic copies for your own messages and telephone logs to your future. This is very good if something happens to a telephone or whether you're only switching to some new device and need to carry your SMS messages

Android's built in SMS Backup & Restore

Due to Android 8.1, now you can restore backed-up data (such as SMS messages) following the first setup. Regrettably, it is not a manual procedure similar to the other things on this listing. It is only accessible if the"End setup" display is displayed on very top of your preferences panel. Tap that"Finish Installation" button, and it is going to conduct exactly the identical recovery move it normally would on first setup, which may include things like restoring formerly backed-up SMS messages in the apparatus.

You are able to see them (although not their contents) through the Android program, and also the backup procedure as a whole could be manually actuated in Preferences (normally Settings -> Program - > > Backup, however it is also possible to simply look for"Backup.") But SMS copies created in this manner can not be readily reproduced off or transferred elsewhere, just like committed programs, plus they do not comprise MMS media.

Seeing the record of automatic SMS backups in Google Drive.

The built-in machine is helpful and automatic, but with no means to manually activate the recovery procedure or see the backed-up contents, so it is of limited utility. As an example, you can not read these messages off-device, also you also can not store them long term in Google Drive.

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