Since time immemorial, people have used onion oil for hair benefits. It is a versatile hair oil that provides deep nourishment to the scalp and tresses and reverses damage caused by internal and external elements. Ideally, people use onion oil for hair regrowth, however, there are many more ways in which onion hair oil can benefit your precious locks.

The fact that Onion oil contains Sulphur in large amounts makes this natural oil one of the best hair care products. It is also packed with other hair-benefiting vitamins and minerals that work like a charm. Massaging onion oil onto the scalp is a great way to nourish the follicles and strengthen them. A healthy scalp is less likely to suffer from infections.

Here we’ve curated a list of onion oil benefits for hair. Using onion hair oil in your hair care routine can help transform the appearance of your locks.

Onion Oil for Hair Growth

1. Boosts Hair Growth 

Onion oil is an age-old remedy for improving the growth of hair. For ages, people all over the world have used onion hair oil for hair growth. Packed with Sulphur and other growth-boosting properties, onion oil continues to be one of the most prized oils for encouraging the growth of new hair. The application of this oil on the scalp can lead to the regeneration of hair cells and improve the overall health of the scalp. It also treats a variety of scalp infections that may hamper hair growth. Those who want to attain long and strong locks can try to include onion oil in their hair care routine to get noticeable results.

2. Controls Hair Fall

Hair fall is a common hair woe that affects everyone from men to women. While it is completely normal to lose a few hair strands on a daily basis, excessive shedding of hair should be seen as a cause of concern. This is where onion oil can come in handy. It gets easily absorbed into the scalp and strengthens the hair follicles. Regular usage of onion oil can result in significantly less hair fall. It helps curb hair fall and ensures that your precious locks look their best. The vitamins, minerals, and powerful antioxidants present in onion oil strengthen hair strands and reduce the chances of breakage.

3. Improves Hair’s Texture

Hair thinning is another common issue that plagues people of different age groups. A plethora of factors ranging from medical conditions to lack of proper hair care can adversely affect the texture of the hair strands. Limp and flat hair can bring down your beauty quotient. However, with the help of onion oil, you can repair the damage and improve the texture of the hair strands. Whether you have coarse or limp hair, use onion oil to soften the strands and restore health in them.

4. Adds Shine 

Shiny locks can take your hair game to the next level. On the other hand, lackluster hair can single-handedly bring down your beauty quotient. There are numerous factors like excessive usage of heat styling tools, vitamin deficiency, etc., that can have an impact on your hair’s shine factor. If you have dull-looking locks, then fret not, as this condition can be reversed with the help of natural oils like onion oil. The application of onion oil can give a boost to your hair’s natural shine factor. Use onion oil regularly to get glossy locks naturally.

5. Prevents Dryness 

Dry hair is a common phenomenon that can completely alter the appearance of your natural hair. Often caused by factors like dehydration, lack of moisture and nourishment, or improper hair care, dry hair can be a pain to deal with. It makes your hair appear rough and unhealthy. Also, styling excessively dry hair is not an easy feat. The nourishing properties of onion oil can work wonders on the state of dry hair. It helps restore moisture in the scalp and hair strands and gives them a boost of hydration.

Best Onion Oil for Hair

There are various onion oils available in the beauty stores. However, the red onion hair oil is known to be the best onion oil for hair. This type of onion oil contains high amounts of Sulfur that can work wondrously in combating common hair problems and enhancing the natural beauty of the hair. Some of the key ingredients present in red onion hair oil are vitamin E, Ginseng Extract, sunflower oil, Castor oil, Indian gooseberry, and hibiscus extract. All these power packed ingredients work miraculously on the health and looks of your hair.

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