Voice search has become quite common in the recent and has been emerging on a regular basis. It is actually a technology that is able to recognise the spoken language that is speech recognition instead of typing the text for a search. The digital marketers conduct SEO for a website so as to make it visible on the top of the results of the search engines for searching of the relevant keywords by the means of both written queries as well as voice search queries. The maximum amount of voice search queries originates from the mobile devices and that is the major reason as to why a website should be mobile friendly in nature.
Voice Search Optimization

Voice Search as an Emerging Technology

Voice search technology has been emerging on a regular basis and with the speed that it is emerging, there might come a time when typing search queries would come to an end. This is exactly the reason as to why SEO for voice search is being stressed upon. Google search engine has come out with a very advanced feature known as Voice Search and hence Google voice search SEO is of immense importance. Now, if as a business owner, you want to rank better for voice search results, relevant voice search keywords are required to be developed in the content that is related to search on your website. In the near future, almost all of the internet users will switch from text search to voice search for searching information online. Thus, it becomes quite essential for every business to make sure to optimize content for voice search for the purpose of getting better results in the search engine.

What is the Need of Optimising for Voice Search?

Voice search is quite advantageous because of the fact that it is hands free since there is no need of typing the search queries. All that the users need to do is to say their queries for searching what they are looking forward to. Reports have revealed that already at this point of time, a huge number of users have adopted voice search for their daily searches which includes 41 percent of teens and 51 percent of adults who use voice search for online queries. The statistics clearly shows the rapid rise of voice search queries which is expected to rise more in the time to come. This is exactly the reason as to why it is important to optimize content for voice search for a good SEO result. Here are a few major reasons as to why the need of optimising for voice search is crucial.
  • There are a number of latest smartphones which are coming with the voice search feature in built
  • A huge number of teenagers as well as adults have already started using the voice search feature for their online queries
  • Voice search is much easier as well as convenient as compared to text or typing search
  • Voice search has a great impact on the website
  • Voice search is a growing and rapidly advancing technology
  • Higher ranking in the search engine result pages for voice search
Thus, it can be very well understood as to why voice SEO optimization is becoming a mandate for each and every website. With the statistics for voice search queries at present, it is expected that voice search will be playing a prominent role compared to text search in the time to come. It is also predicted that about 50 percent of the search queries online will be coming from voice search in the future. 

How to Optimise the Content for Voice Search?

SEO for voice search is also referred to as voice search optimization. Now, the question that arises in this regard is as to how to optimize content for voice search. Here we have listed a few important steps which would help the content of the website optimize for voice search. 

Content Should be Conversational

If you want to optimise the content for voice search SEO, then it is of immense importance that the content so written on the website or the blogs should be written in a conversational tone. 

Targeting the LSI Keywords

At the time of preparation of content, the emphasis should be on the Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) keywords for the purpose of obtaining a better ranking in voice search. The LSI keywords should be placed more in the header, body and footer position of the website for a better result for voice search in SEO.

Layout Should be Mobile Friendly

If you wish to rank high in voice search for SEO, then it is to be made sure that the website necessarily has a mobile friendly layout along with quick loading of pages. 

Using ‘Near Me’ or ‘Near to Me’ Keyword

The use of phrases like ‘near me’ and ‘near to me’ in the keyword is essential for a better ranking in voice search SEO.

Creation of FAQ Page

The creation of a FAQ page on the website for ranking in voice search queries would be highly beneficial since it contains several questions as well as answers which the end users are searching for. 
In an addition to the above, the content of the website should be easy to read and understand so that the search engine results are better.  

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